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An Ethical Lockdown Valentine's Day

Red is normally the colour associated with Valentine’s Day, but how can you ensure that this special day is a bit more green? Meadow Weddings is here to help with some helpful suggestions.

Making it a day to remember

You won’t be able to whisk your significant other to Paris for the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create some amazing memories together. Why not hiring a bell tent in your garden? Life’s A Pitch offer contact-free garden glamping so you can create a cosy, intimate setup for the evening.

We can’t go out to our favourite romantic restaurants, but we can still support local businesses for what would have been one of their biggest nights of the year. Why not see what your local pub or restaurant is offering to takeaway. Many catering companies are even offering meals delivered to you. Gastro Catering is offering a “deliverables” service including a special Valentine’s Day meal for two which is sure to impress your partner!

Rose petals

Want to surprise your beloved with petals strewn around the house but know the airmiles that can be used to import flowers the UK. Try this beautiful delphinium and wildflower confetti from Flower Confetti – it is eco friendly and even the packaging is recycling.


It can be tempting to pick up a bunch of flowers from the supermarket or petrol station on the way home on Valentine’s Day but if you take a bit of time to plan this purchase, you can support a small business while ensuring you are not buying flowers with thousands of air miles.

If you are after fresh flowers, use a website like to find your nearest independent florist and ask them about what flowers are available that have been grown locally, which is not the case with the traditional red roses. While this is tricky in February, Chrissy from Bud & Flower, based in Horsham, Surrey, has made some suggestions for flowers which will be local, even in the depths of February! For inspiration, check out her Instagram.

Other options to consider, because they can last forever are dried, paper or plastic flowers:-

I love the look of dried flowers – although they don’t have the vivid colours of fresh flowers, they are still beautiful. Here is a great article which lists lots of amazing suppliers. I was particularly taken by the dried flower bouquets from Botanical Tales.

If you can’t imagine giving your other half anything other than red roses, you could try paper flowers, such as those made by Page and Bloom, safe in the knowledge that these can last forever and look great. Not only this, their work supports women who are rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse. Or what about a glass-effect rose from EcoBlooms, who take unwanted plastic, that might otherwise have gone to landfill and transform them into beautiful buds.

Another floral gift option is to buy a Pick-Your-Own flower experience for your loved one,

probably for later on this year. Last summer, I had the loveliest time at Blooming Green, picking a bucket of the most beautiful, sustainably grown flowers – such a great present!


My favourite thing to receive on Valentine’s Day is a box of chocolates – such an indulgent gift! Why not buy your loved one something indulgent while also shopping local. Check out Serendipity – artisanal chocolates which are palm-oil free.


And lastly, don’t forget the cards. There are so many eco-friendly options out there – recycled card, sugar cane paper and even seed paper, which grows gorgeous flowers when planted. I love this one from Poppy Forrest Kraft – simple, elegant and when my fiancé is done with it, I will plant it and see what pops up!


An update from Meadow Weddings: As lockdown continues, we remain hopeful that couples will be able to go ahead with weddings this summer. We do still have some availability for 2021 and 2022, whether couples are after a small, intimate day or a festival-style weekend. In other news, I have even more reason to hope weddings can go ahead properly again soon as I got engaged over Christmas!

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