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An Ethical Mother's Day

Here is your friendly reminder that Mothering Sunday falls on 14th March this year - here are a few ways you can treat your mum (or any great woman in your life).

Mother's Day is one of the biggest days for flower sales in the UK - presumably because a bright bunch of flowers picks up anyone's day. However, many of these flowers are shipped in from far and wide, contributing to a very large carbon footprint.

Hedgerow bouquet
My attempt at a hedgerow bouquet

Why not try your hand at foraging from the hedgerows around you to create a stunning arrangement - look out for willow and poplar which have lovely, fluffy catkins which look great in arrangements. Complement these with bright daffodils or tulips for a spectacular effect (make sure you have permission from whoever the hedgerows/daffodils belong to before cutting!).

If floristry really isn't your thing, ask your local florist to create something special - they can incorporate your mother's favourite flower into the bouquet (although do check that it is seasonal - asking for Dahlias at this time of year would not be the sustainable option!).

In a "normal" year, we would often be fighting for reservations in restaurants for Mother's Day. Instead, why don't you arrange a home meal delivery to treat your mum. Elizbeth Caton Food and Wine offers a bespoke meal delivery service for those in the South-East- they can prepare her perfect lunch or dinner and deliver to her home.

Perhaps you'd like to treat your mum to a relaxing evening to herself. Consider how you could support a small business. Katie Made This produce a beautiful range of handmade candles which can be customised by scent and colour to suit your mum's taste. It is up to you whether you send her the torsos or maybe a more abstract shape!

Another small business I love is With Love From Lucy - a gorgeous business creating the sweetest ceramic jewellery. I really love this set with the gold-dip effect - there are lots of colour options to choose from and they can even be personalised with your mother's initials!

Returning to home-made gifts for mums, The How To Home suggests creating an at-home spa experience using ingredients you can easily source yourself, so you know that they contain ethically-produced ingredients.

If this isn't quite your thing, check out - a website supporting black-owned businesses which has a wide range of beauty treats that would surely go down well on Mother's Day.

Anyone reading this blog might notice how much I love seeded cards - I just love the idea that, rather than being thrown away, these cards can be planted and will create a beautiful reminder of your love for a person. Erika's Whimsical Art has a very cute range of Mother's Day cards which I think are delightful.

An update from Meadow Weddings: Thanks to this week's announcement, we are now going full-steam ahead with bookings for 2021 and 2022. The field is looking gorgeous at the moment so we really can't wait for our weddings to begin.

My flowers are also coming along nicely for couples looking for a locally-sourced, sustainably-grown option.

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