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Guest Post - What is a Humanist Wedding? and 10 Reasons why you should have one!

Meadow Weddings is the perfect venue for your whole wedding day. You might be wondering how to plan a non-religious ceremony in the Meadow, Kathryn Palmer-Skillings is a Humanist Celebrant and one of our Partner Suppliers, here’s an excerpt of her blog – What is a Humanist Wedding? and 10 Reasons why you should have one!

“More and more couples are thinking carefully about their wedding day and are looking for a really personal experience - including a fully bespoke ceremony that reflects their values, their love & their story. A Humanist celebrant-led wedding ceremony will give you and your guests a completely unique experience as every ceremony is written by me from scratch for each couple I have the honour of marrying.

Have an Outdoor Wedding outdoors or absolutely ANYWHERE you like!

Always dreamed of getting married on a hilltop? Want to hold your wedding at the coffee shop where you met? Want a relaxed wedding ceremony in your garden under your favourite tree? With a Humanist wedding you can do just that!

Currently all civil ceremonies have to take place in an approved structure. This means that, for example, you may be able to get married in a gazebo at a certain location in that Country House garden but if you wanted to be fully outdoors by their lake then that won’t be permitted.

With a Humanist wedding ceremony, you can have your wedding ceremony exactly where you want.

A truly personalised wedding ceremony

When you choose a Humanist wedding, your celebrant will create and craft a personal ceremony where every single word is written just for you both. Your wedding ceremony will start as a beautiful blank canvas, with each element chosen to reflect your relationship.

With a civil or religious ceremony there are certain ‘legally prescribed words’ that have to be spoken and responded to by you both and you will usually be given a choice of a couple of standard ceremony scripts to choose from with little to no ability to amend them. Lots of couples find that their ceremony options don’t really seem to suit them, their partnership or their family. With limited options in these situations it can mean the ceremony starts to feel like the bit that you ‘get through’ before starting the party that you’ve spent ages making feel personal to you.

A Humanist Ceremony is the opposite of this. It can be as formal or as informal as you like, with as many friends, family and loved ones taking part as you like (or not!) it can truly reflect your values as a modern family. Most of all, a Humanist wedding will be fun, feel-good and fabulous, kickstarting your wedding celebrations!

Involve your family, friends and fur-babies in your wedding

While your wedding day will definitely focus on the two of you. There may well be other loved ones that you really want to involve in different ways.

Perhaps you want your Schnauzer to be your canine ring-bearer or both sets of parents to add ribbons to your handfasting wedding knot. You might even want your friends to lead a wedding sing-a-long to your love song! All of these things (and so many more) are possible at a Humanist wedding ceremony!

It might also be the case that there are people, important to you both, who are no longer with us. Your Humanist Celebrant can advise and support you if you’d like a sensitive way to honour them as part of your ceremony…” (Excerpt of blog post reproduced with permission)

Find out the other seven reasons in the by reading the original blog post and say hello to Kathryn to find out how you can have a feel-good personalised ceremony at Meadow Weddings!

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